Online Learning or Campus Life: Which Is Best for You?

Image for Online Learning or Campus Life: Which Is Best for You?

The number of online college degree programs increases every year, which is a great thing for students. It’s never been easier to get an education from an accredited institution on your own schedule. Of course, that doesn’t mean online learning is the best possible college experience for everyone. Your personality and learning style go a long way toward determining whether campus life or online study is right for you.

An on-campus experience is what most people think about when they picture college life. It’s true that there are activities you can enjoy as a traditional student that are tough or even impossible for online learners to share. Having access to facilities like gyms, student centers, and dining halls is a big part of the typical college experience. It can also be easier to connect with other people in your department if you’re on campus on a regular basis.

There are also the unique benefits of classroom learning you need to consider. Some students simply need feedback and interaction with professors to get the most out of their courses. Being able to speak with a professor in person is another benefit on-campus students enjoy. The social interaction that comes with being a traditional student is also a major plus for many.

When it comes to online learning, flexibility is probably the key word. For students who are working full time or traveling frequently, there’s really no other way to go. Being able to complete coursework whenever and wherever they have access to the internet is a huge advantage for those who choose the online route. Professors have come a long way with online education, so communicating with them continues to get easier. Email and online chats are increasingly common, so you don’t have to feel like you can’t ask questions.

Thankfully, the number of hybrid courses is also increasing at a rapid pace. These classes balance online instruction with in-person sessions, offering the best of both worlds to students. Of course, you can also take a mix of distance learning courses and traditional ones. Schools are offering this combination of approaches more and more, so it really is a great time to earn a degree. 

Before enrolling in any degree program, you need to ask yourself what kind of learner you are and what you value most in the college experience. You might even want to start your journey with an online class or two just so you know what to expect. The bottom line is that whatever your preference, you should be able to find a degree program that works for your needs.