Get the Facts on the Most Popular Online Master’s Degree Programs

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A bachelor’s degree was enough to give you an edge in the job market a generation ago. However, master’s degrees are becoming the new normal for people starting their careers. Thankfully, online options for earning an advanced degree are growing every single year. These are a few of the most popular online master’s degree programs, all of which can help you land a lucrative occupation:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): This is an old standard in terms of advanced degrees, and those who earn an MBA are in as much demand as ever. The strategic and critical thinking skills you develop in an MBA program make you an ideal fit for any company. Career options for MBA graduates range from marketing manager to top executive: the sky’s the limit.
  • MS in Finance: The financial world continues to evolve and grow more complex. Those who earn a Master of Science in Finance will find themselves in high demand from companies in all kinds of industries. Coursework in these programs focuses on topics such as business analytics, portfolio management, and organizational behavior.
  • MS in International Relations: This is a flexible master’s degree that is applicable to a wide range of career fields. You might work in private industry, government, or for a non-profit with a master’s degree in international relations. Courses cover things like diplomacy, global health, and conflict resolution.
  • Master of Information Technology: Earning a master’s degree in IT is one of the smartest education investments you can make. There’s high demand for IT managers across all industries. You can also specialize in many different areas, from network security to software development.
  • Master of Education (MEd): This is a highly versatile degree that can be tailored to your specific talents. If you’re a current and licensed educator looking to move into a specialized area, you might be able to complete an online MEd program in one year of part-time study.  
  • Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA): The healthcare administration field is expanding rapidly, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 18 percent growth from 2018 to 2028. An aging population and constantly evolving medical technology combine to create a booming industry.
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA): You can think of this as an MBA for the public sector. Through the course of an MPA program, you’ll learn about leadership skills, finance principles, and organizational development from a public, non-profit perspective. You’ll be well-equipped to create and implement public policy.

Completing any of these online master’s programs will put you in the professional fast lane. Explore your options and push your career into overdrive.